Dr. Dean Meyer worked at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 8 years, and later earned a doctoral degree in toxicology. She is a scientific editor and certified by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences. She has edited thousands of manuscripts by researchers from over a dozen countries in toxicology, pharmacology, public health, environmental health science, epidemiology, cell biology, medicine, and veterinary pathology.

She founded her company, DeanPro LLC, to assist researchers in communicating their findings efficiently, effectively, and with polish. Her presentations and consultations help graduate students, post-docs, assistant professors, and scientists in industry to write their manuscripts with minimum stress, even if English is not their native language.

Dr. Meyer is a Jeopardy! champion (season 32, 2015), and had a great time appearing on the show. Her prized possession is a 1928 Ernst Leitz microscope that had belonged to her grandfather, who was an orthopedic surgeon, and later to her father, who was a chemistry professor. The microscope is housed in its original wood case, which also contains a set of lenses, the purchase paperwork from 1928, and a handful of histopathology slides prepared by her grandfather and labeled in Latin in his distinctive handwriting.

She lives outside Atlanta with her husband and more animals than most people can handle, and is a member of the following professional societies:

American Chemical Society

American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology

Board of Editors in the Life Sciences

The Society of Toxicologic Pathology